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Dave Jacobson
Certified Financial Coach
Financial Fitness

P: (763) 443-4348
E: Dave@FinancialFit.net
8060 Everest Lane North
Maple Grove, MN 55311

“Dave has already made a major contribution to the morale of the couple I referred to him.   With every Financial Peace University lesson they came away with a better understanding of the material, but it seemed to just fill them with regret.  After a class, I gave them Dave’s card to help them get a better handle on their situation, but they didn't really seem that interested.  I was both surprised and very impressed the next week when they came in to class with smiles and praise for their meeting with Dave.  They expressed that they could now see a way out of their mess, which gave them hope.  Previously they just assumed they were too old for this class to really make a difference in their situation.  My only regret was not referring them sooner!“

Tyler Synstelien – Financial Peace University Coordinator, MN

“I have found Dave to be a valuable resource for my Financial Peace University class! Each time I’ve communicated with him either by e-mail or phone, he has graciously, patiently and informatively answered my questions and given helpful advice and suggestions.  We were privileged to have him speak one night to our class, reviewing basic principles, and effectively answering individual questions and queries.  He recognizes that many people have financial problems and is very willing to aid them in resolving their difficulties.  He seems eager to share sound financial principles, not only from Dave Ramsey’s materials, but from other sources as well.”  

Linda Yarwood, Calvary United Pentecostal Church, Bloomington, MN

“Thank you for joining our Financial Peace University class!  You did a great job making our group feel comfortable, answering all of their questions and enhancing the overall FPU experience…that’s why we invited you. Previous FPU classes have asked for individual help working through Dave Ramsey's principles (usually specific to creating and using a budget).  Because of the interest, we are so pleased that you joined us and provided them direct access to you with time for questions and answers.  We really enjoyed meeting you in person and learning more about what you can do for us. The FPU leaders definitely prefer introducing you to the class versus sending them to the Dave Ramsey's website to seek you out on their own. We look forward to seeing you at our next FPU session!”

Christina Williams, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fridley, MN