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Dave Jacobson
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"Thanks so much for the opportunity to meet with 38 coaches to exchange ideas. You did an outstanding job organizing Friday’s meeting.  The organization was clear and well planned with set goals. Your execution during the meeting keeping us focused and on goal was great. Your vision for Dave Ramsey’s coaches to share ideas and information was a win for everyone.  Thanks again for your continuing support with a broad vision. Looking forward to working with you again."  

Patricia Nolan, Financial Coach, Colorado

"It was a joy getting to meet and visit with you at the Enrichment Financial Counselor Convention in Nashville, TN this past August.  I really enjoyed hearing about how you have made your business successful through integrity, open communication and encouragement. It inspired me to come home and try to grow my own business.   Thank you for sharing your ideas with me and I know your creativity and wisdom will cause you to continue to be a great success." 

Kelly A. Brantley, Financial Freedom Counseling Service, Ruston, LA

"Thank you for the excellent work you did on the behalf of your fellow coaches by pulling together the group meeting last Friday evening following Dave Ramsey’s “Enrichment” training.  Your idea for sharing best practices was a huge win for everybody. Your organization was clear and well planned and your execution during the meeting to keep everyone on task was great."

Bob Nolan, Financial Coach, Colorado

"I appreciated your willingness to facilitate the After Enrichment gathering.  Your organization and attention to detail allowed us to accomplish quite a number of exercises and cover much material.  With that same organization, I can see how you are a great accountability partner for your clients."

Greg Pare, Financial Coach, Lubbock, TX

"It was great having you with us for Enrichment.  I heard that the "After Enrichment" went fabulous!  Thank you for organizing it.”

Suzan Hicks, Event Coordinator, Dave Ramsey's Counselor Training, Nashville, TN