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Dave Jacobson
Certified Financial Coach
Financial Fitness

P: (763) 443-4348
E: Dave@FinancialFit.net
8060 Everest Lane North
Maple Grove, MN 55311

"Best ever one-day conference I attended!"

"My husband and I have been on very different pages in regards to his business.  Thanks for giving us hope that we may begin to come together."

"This event set a new course for our family business.  It is a turning point and will give us new hope and set up endless possibilities!  I am so glad we got to go as a family!"

"I learned an incredible amount of valuable information.  I have lots to change, but luckily I’m still in the beginning stages of my business.  I haven’t had all the opportunities to make these crazy mistakes!"

"The magic of Dave is his spirit and his willingness to share and to make dumb behavior hard and smart behavior obvious."

"I was left in tears and encouraged to hang in there!  This session was full of invaluable information for anyone thinking about starting a business to any established business looking to stay successful."