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"I have been feeling so empowered with my budget! I LOVE this.  I've never felt so in control, and when I'm spending money it isn't stressing me out.  I am making better decisions on what to spend my cash on.  I am really enjoying having a budget!  I can't believe I just said that.  I've dreaded budgets my entire life!"

Natalie Greve

"It is getting so much easier. I am right on target for everything. I am realizing that this is a 'lifestyle' for me now. It has been such a gift. I deeply thank-you for the guidance, patience, gently pushing me, knowledge and encouragement.  I truly believe God had this all in his magnificent timing.  I have much more strength and confidence than I ever believed.  It has opened me up to being more teachable in all areas of my life.  I am letting go of fears and misconceptions that I allowed to rule me.  I felt overwhelmed and so frustrated at times, but I knew I needed this. I really do feel financial peace! I know myself better, and others through this process. Yes, it certainly is a process, I have far to go, but I know I will attain my goals.  I am involving myself more in church functions and service. I look forward to when I can contribute more. I am on fire to get my 2nd mortgage paid off. I can do all this now. I have over $10,000 in savings. I feel I am inspiring others in my comments on money, how it controls us, how you have helped me overcome this. Thank God for instilling in you the deep desire to help others in finding financial peace, and so much more."   

Cindy Campbell

"In March 2010, we made the life-changing decision to invest in six months of financial coaching with Dave Jacobson.  At first, we were skeptical about spending hundreds of dollars on a coach, when we were already $30,000 in debt over and above our mortgage.  Now, just 10 months after starting with Dave, we have paid off $17,000 of our debt, and are on track to have the remaining $13,000 paid off by Thanksgiving.  Our gratitude on that holiday later this year will be toward the knowledge, tools, and encouragement that we received from Dave Jacobson, not to mention the accountability he provided us through several pitfalls during the first six months.  To think that $30,000 in debt will be eliminated in just 20 months is unfathomable.  Our six months with Dave was simply the best money that we have ever spent.  We urge anyone seeking financial freedom and security to use Dave as your guide."

Paul and Andi Anderson

"After the sudden death of my husband, I was thrown into being on my own to figure out a budget. In addition, there were lots of issues that I never had to think about before. Dave helped me figure out what I needed to check into, like life insurance, health insurance, where I might have hidden assets, and what I needed to do to balance my budget. With Dave’s help, I am assured now that I have what I need to be financially secure. He pushed me to make a budget that would let me feel confident that I can provide for my family and be prepared for any unforeseen expenses. Dave was sensitive to my circumstances and was patient with me while I built confidence I am thankful to Dave for helping me get through an overwhelming situation. I would encourage anyone who is not where they want to be with their finances to seek his services. It is empowering to be in control of your money instead of letting life just happen to you."

Laurie Skoglund

"We would never be where we are today without your guidance and expertise! It was the best money we've ever spent!"

Lisa and Don Abresch

"We decided to start a financial mentoring relationship with Dave Jacobson and now a year plus later, it was a very good decision.  We knew we were well in the right direction financially to retire in a few years, but did not feel we were disciplined enough to get where we wanted to be.  Dave mentored us through his monthly budget processes, worked with us on problems that turned up and most importantly, kept us on the straight and narrow."

Judy and Alan Schneider

"We thought we would check in to let you know we are doing very well.  We managed to get through the graduation party debt free, the Visa and car accounts are both paid off in full, our daughters’ car loan is down to $300 and will be paid off at the end of this month, we are aggressively paying off our line of credit loan and will be continuing to work hard on this last step of debt.    My job has been going very well, so that has helped a lot, but also thankful for your coaching and the decisions we are making based on that.  Thanks again!"

Jeff and Julie

"I am playing Monopoly with my kids today.  Two of them had established an emergency fund for the game!!  A good reminder, our choices in life matter and have an impact."

Barb H.

"I finally feel I am getting it!! I remain very grateful for your great and diligent coaching."


“We filed bankruptcy three years ago, had built up another $36,000 in debt and $1,000 in an emergency fund.   We couldn’t talk about a budget without fighting, we were under significant stress and had little hope our situation would improve, but had a strong relationship and had made a decision to change our behaviors.  We completed Financial Peace University eight months prior to contacting Coach Dave.  We felt we needed the accountability and reinforcement for our individual situation.  We went from constantly arguing and not having a budget to openly communicating and building and following a workable budget.  We went from having sporadic and unclear goals to getting more on the same page regarding what is truly important in our lives - family and marriage.  I went from putting out fires and having an unclear business plan to beginning to form a plan and working on my business versus working in my business.  Ultimately, we started to become more content with selling the 'stuff' that was standing in our way of developing a solid foundation and really building wealth.  When we initially met with Coach Dave we were short by roughly $880 per month in our budget.  At the end of our coaching with him, we had a disposable income of $1,628 per month!  We thank Coach Dave so much for all his help and support over the past six months!  We still struggle on some financial issues, but we are able to talk through it easier now because we both see the big picture of where we want to be one day.  It took us a bit to figure out a system that would work for both of us, but we are there and life is getting easier!  Coach Dave is truly a blessing from above and I am so thankful we found him through the Dave Ramsey organization.”

Mariann and Adam Hansen

“Dave has been an excellent coach and encouragement for me as I have started to take control of my finances.  I had already attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course but felt that one-on-one sessions would be beneficial...and they were!  We were able to meet and put together a more detailed budget and answer some specific questions about my financial direction.  I feel like I am already in a great spot and am on my way to true financial freedom!  Dave was always very patient with me and I could tell he really cared about my financial development.  He did a great job following up and digging into the details for me.  I would definitely recommend his services to anyone!"

Jeff Gammon

"We would like to thank you for the great services you provide and encouragement you gave at a time when we were very stressed and considering bankruptcy.   Although we completed the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program, we wanted to take it a step further with the help of your services.  By helping us get on track with a budget and setting goals to reaching our future plans, we now have over $10,000 for the septic systems that needs to be replaced and were able to buy a washing machine with cash!  With an Emergency Fund set up, we won’t need to be using credit cards again.  It is good to be able to breathe again.   God Bless!" 

Stuart and Judy Domitz